We can design, supply and install a range of robust and powerful servers.

Whatever your requirements, we have a server solution for you. Whether it be an on premise or a cloud/hosted server, we will provide a practical and cost effective server solution for your business.

Server virtualisation allows you to run multiple machines on one physical computer / server which translates into more efficient use of resources.  Although there is some overhead, today’s processors are generally more powerful than they need to be and often sit idle anyway.

Reduced costs

You are under increasing pressure to reduce costs and ensure the best return on investment possible. With Microsoft Virtualisation you can lower your total cost of ownership.

Increase availability of services

Microsoft Virtualisation gives you the opportunity to increase the availability of services, thereby increasing end user satisfaction.

Improve business agility

Microsoft Virtualisation helps your business become more flexible and adaptable. Provide the IT resources your organization needs when you need them, and improve business agility. You can manage and maintain servers as discrete software components, rapidly create new servers from pre-defined and configured images, and reallocate resources to optimize performance and stability.

Improve business continuity and disaster recovery

Hyper-V includes powerful business continuity features, such as live backup and quick migration, enabling businesses to meet stringent uptime and response metrics. Leveraging the clustering capabilities of Windows Server 2008, Hyper-V provides support for disaster recovery within IT environments and across data centres, using geographically dispersed clustering capabilities. Rapid and reliable disaster and business recovery helps ensure minimal data loss and powerful remote management capabilities.

Ease of testing and development

Hyper-V maximises utilization of test hardware which can help reduce costs, improve life cycle management, and improve test coverage. With extensive guest OS support and checkpoint features, Hyper-V provides a great platform for your test and development environments.

Cloud or Hosted Servers

Reduced IT costs

Businesses that use cloud hosting avoid the high upfront costs of new hardware & subsequent costs of refreshing hardware.  Instead, clients get a predictable monthly/annual cost based on the resources they’ve used.  Cloud customers aren’t responsible for the cost of the data centre, power, cooling, connectivity and maintenance associated with on-premise IT.

Improved performance

Cloud hosting customers don’t have to worry about hardware renewals because they always have the latest hardware, which gives them high levels of performance. In addition, dynamic server-load balancing distributes workloads across physical machines to give customers the best performance from their cloud servers.  Cloud hosting customers can easily alter the capacity of their servers to meet the changing needs of their businesses

Improved business continuity

Cloud hosting can reduce the amount of downtime customers experience.  It ensures their systems are always up and running.  If hardware fails, they don’t have to wait for repairs because they automatically switch from failed components to working components in that cloud and their servers operate without losing data or server availability.

Reduced carbon footprint

Instead of supporting a room of underutilised servers, cloud hosting customers get the capacity they need on cloud servers thus consuming less energy giving a lower carbon footprint. Cloud hosts can offer this thanks to virtualisation technology, which allows them to use more of their servers’ capacity.

Typical Cloud Server:

4 x Processors, 10Gb RAM, 100Gb Hard Drive Space Windows Server 2012 Standard Only £119 per month

Server Options

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