Project Accounting

What is Sage Project Accounting?

Sage 200 Project Accounting is a highly configurable and flexible project management tool.

What does it do?

Helps you maintain control over your projects

Keep an eye on budget overspends

Generate increased revenue at reduced costs

Eliminate unproductive time spent on projects

Improve bottom line savings

Why use it?

How long would it take to answer these questions?

  • Agreed budget for this project?
  • Actual costs on the project?
  • What does that look like against budget?
  • Where am I overspending?
  • What are my committed costs?
  • How much time has been spent on this project?
  • Are my projects profitable? By how much?

How would Sage 200 Project Accounting Help?

  • A project Manager can create a project quickly and efficiently
  • Users can control when a project comes ‘on line’
  • By associating budgets with a project to track if you are on target
  • Costs such as purchase invoices, timesheets, expenses, purchase orders, are entered once in the system and distributed to all modules
  • Customer billing is quick and easy
  • You can see at a glance if the project is profitable, over budget and other key data regardless of location
What are the benefits of using Project Accounting in my business?

Optimise your profitability:

  • Accurately monitor your project budgets and quickly address any variances
  • Monitor all costs to ensure profitability
  • Accurately access the Return on investment of individual projects
  • Profitability and Productivity can be monitored within the Business Intelligence module

Fits your business processes:

  • Highly configurable to match your business processes and terminology
  • Total control over billing of your projects

Greater business efficiency:

  • Close integration with Sage 200 Financials, Commercials, WTE and Sage Payroll
  • Removes duplication of data entry

Free up your workforce

  • Field based staff can accurately record timesheets and expenses
  • You can chose how staff expenses are reimbursed
  • Access to project data remotely via your smartphone
What is Sage 200 Web Time & Expenses (WTE)?

Sage 200 WTE is a brand new web based Timesheet and Expense entry system that integrates with Sage 200 Project Accounting.

What does it do?

  • Enables users to input the hours worked against active projects
  • Matches the hours worked against the activities for the project
  • Is web enabled, allowing input from any web connection
  • Fully integrated into Sage 200 Project Accounting system
  • Allows expense entries to be claimed on-line

Why use it?

  • It ensures projects are billed accurately and resource costs are monitored
  • Saves valuable time for field based staff
  • Simplifies the recording of timesheets and expenses
  • It reduces time spent on correcting errors recorded against projects
  • Avoids duplication as the employee is able to enter the data one for authorisation by another user.
Espi provides a range of development and customisation services to allow us to deliver ERP and CRM systems that reflect your company’s working practices. The software products that we provide are designed to be used out of the box, however, there are a range of add on modules that allow the system to meet your exact specification. Our developers in addition can add your required functionality, delivered on time and to your exact specification.   At Espi we try to ensure that any customisation work doesn’t impact on the ability to upgrade your system easily.

For more information on the Sage 200c Project Accounting Module

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