Shopping cart integration for new and existing websites

Your online shopping cart solution

Do you require a shopping cart on your website? Shopify is a complete e-commerce solution that allows you to set up an online store with shopping carts to sell your goods. It lets you organize your products, customize your storefront, accept credit card payments, track and respond to orders. Shopify is online shopping made easy.

What do i need to start selling?

Shopify is web based ecommerce software. This means there’s no installation required and it works with all operating systems (including Windows and MacOS). We host Shopify so you don’t have to worry about installing, upgrading or maintaining any software or web servers.

How do i install Shopify?

All you need to sell products online is Shopify, something to sell and a credit card to pay for your online store. Shopify give your customers the best online shopping experience

Shopify Prices

Shopify offers four different price plans. Whether you are a sole trader or a big organisation, each price plan has been created to meet everyones needs. Please see the price list below to find out which plan suits your needs.

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Shopify's Enterprise level plan

If you are a merchant selling in high volume, you can focus on growing your business with Shopify’s enterprise-level plan.

Shopify Plus comes with some great features, such as:

What is White glove accounting management?

Shopify Plus is all about helping merchants be world-class. The Plus Account Managers are there to provide dedicated and personalized assistance to Shopify Plus merchants, helping them get the most out of their investment. Not only do the account managers oversee a store’s daily operations, but they work closely with each client to improve their business. Businesses on Shopify Plus receive instant access to Shopify’s 24/7 support service with the Shopify Plus priority support phone number and email address.

While Shopify will always be a great solution for small and medium-sized businesses, Shopify Plus is redefining how high-growth, large volume merchants purchase, implement and manage their e-commerce software. Shopify Plus gives customers all the power, without the headaches.

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“I just wanted to say thanks again for everyone with their help – especially over the last few days. Trying to get a website live and up and running in a week has been a monumental challenge, and you’ve been immensely helpful during this period. From helping on the technical front, to making me smile, thank you so much!” Nick Bellamy

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