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Combining our many years of experience of implementing Sage 200 and being very aware of the frequent requests for better reporting from Sage 200 we have developed a Sage 200 reports bundle. It is the perfect solution for those Sage 200 users that are struggling to get to their data quickly and easily. There is an ever growing pot of reports that use ODBC technology to delve directly into your data and present the information in a clear and sophisticated format.
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Each report uses pivot tables and graphs to present the data in a very easy to interpret way. They are customisable by yourselves so that if you have the desire you can use the report as a template for tailoring to a solution that is perfect for you.

Any company using Sage 200 can benefit from our Reports Bundle.

Currently there are 15 available to choose from and this will be increased over the coming weeks. You have the option of choosing a bundle of either 3, 6, 9 or 12 (see pricing below)

The following reports are currently available:

Profit and Loss

Balance Sheet

Nominal Ledger Budgets Vs Actuals

Trial Balance

Aged Debtors

Aged Creditors

Sales Turnover

Unfulfilled POP Lines

Purchase Order Analysis

Purchase Order Delivery Status

Back to Back Order Analysis

Unfulfilled Sales Orders

Sales Order Delivery Analysis

Sales Order Profitability

Back to Back Order List

Sales Order Turnover

Stock Sales Volumes

Traceable Stock Levels

Use by/ Sell by Stock Levels

Stock Levels, Profitability, Sales Analysis

Audit Trail

Cash Book Transactions

MRP Recommendations

Manufacturing Demands

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