Bill of Materials

What is Sage 200 Bill of Materials?

The Bill of Materials (BOM) module provides a combined stock assembly and process costing function. It is ideal for businesses involved in light assembly that don’t require the full complexity of the Manufacturing module.

Sage 200 Bill of Materials is directly integrated with Sage 200 Stock Control and Nominal Ledger modules. It can also be used with the Sage 200 Manufacturing modules (Estimating, Planning and Works Orders).


  • Breaks down your manufacturing operation into areas including materials, labour, machines, operating and activities performed by sub-contractor
  • Track changes to BOM cost over time, enabling you to track changes in key costs
  • Copy option allows you to quickly create a Bill of Material
  • Use the Trial Kitting option to check whether you have sufficient stock to build a quantity of BOMs
  • ‘Implosion’ and ‘Explosion’ views allow you to view components in BOMs or implode components to see which BOMs contain them
  • Expected scrap or production losses can be recorded against an assembly or at component level
  • Multiple versions of a BOM can be stored and used, one of which is ‘live’ at a given time. With version control, only one person can edit or change a BOM at any time. Full change history is stored for each BOM
  • Calculate the cost of building BOMs including components, labour and overhead costs
  • Allocate stock, generate picking lists and create purchase orders from within the module
  • Reverse BOM build allows you to dismantle BOMs built in error
  • Fully integrated with batch and serial number traceability enabling you to trace where you purchased each component through to where it was used and who you sold to
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