Antivirus & Security

Prevent. Detect. Repair.

This is an AntiVirus software’s main duty once it has been installed on a computer device or IT system. Due to the number of security threats occurring, it is now vital that an antivirus software is running on your IT system.

Espi Ltd offer an Antivirus solution called Webroot which is currently the market leader in security software. We also off another solution for email security called Proofpoint Antispam. For more information please continue reading.

* This product is sold with a 5 endpoint minimum.

* This product is sold with a 5 device minimum.

* Product is sold with a 50 seat minimum.

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What is Proofpoint?

Proofpoint is a fully cloud-based email security service, protecting organisations across the globe from the multiple security threats posed by unsolicited spam and virus emails. A completely hosted solution requiring no additional hardware or software, all spam and threats are blocked at the internet level before reaching your organisation, ensuring complete protection with risk free control over your corporate email.


Email Filtering

Inbound and outbound filtering
Anti spam, anti virus/malware
Intelligent content filtering
Image analyser

Image Continuity

Emergency inbox
Instant replay
Email spooling and failover

Email Archive

Increased storage
Complete traceability
Separate archive per customer
Individual end-user access
Cloud based

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