Sage 50 CIS

What is Sage 50 Construct?

Financial and operational contract management software based on Sage 50 Accounts. Designed to monitor contract costs and budgets while streamlining processes between contractors, subcontractors and HMRC to help businesses run at optimal efficiency and profitability.

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Control your costs

Easily control costs, meet contract budgets, track subcontractors and generate materials and plant hire purchase orders and delivery notes.

  • Gain instant access to vital management informationUsing an almost unlimited number of contract cost elements, grouped in multi-level sections, at any stage of a contract.
  • Quickly analyse your dataSubcontractor self-billing, client invoicing and both sales and purchase retention tracking make it easy to track sales and profit allowing you to get on with running your business your way.
  • Detailed analytics when you need itExamine your analysis codes and groups all the way down to transaction level, enabling you to view all the detailed information you need.
  • Identify trends and act on themAutomate monitoring of actual costs against estimated/budget costs, ensuring that overspends are immediately highlighted so that you can react quickly to bring it back under control.
  • Maintain full cost controlManage purchase order processing from order generation, through goods received and on/off-hire notes, to purchase invoice, checking budgets, quantities and rates.
Comply with government legislation

Accurate recording, verifying and reporting of subcontractor tax (CIS).

  • Improve accuracy through automating your processesRemove the need to contact HMRC via telephone and maintain manual records, reducing the risk of transposition errors that may lead to a higher tax rate.
  • Quickly and easily submit returns onlineGenerate and submit monthly return of tax deducted to support payment to HMRC via the Internet Submissions module.
  • Automate processesRecord applications and generate both self-billing and authenticated receipts, with automated retentions, CITB deductions, discounts and CIS processing.
  • Complex processing made easyHandle complex VAT requirements through certification and payment receipts processes including retentions and discounts.
  • Save money by only making payments when you need toDefer VAT, in accordance with HMRC, until payment date or authenticated receipt.
  • Stay compliantComplies with Irish RTC tax scheme, including multiple RCT tax rates and also complies with Irish Reverse Charge VAT scheme.
Share information

Integration with Sage 50 Accounts and Payroll brings allows you to share information throughout your business.

  • Transfer key information to your PayrollPayroll and non-payroll timesheets can be entered with batch processing to eliminate repeat entry, reducing processing time and your overheads.
  • Improve control of your costsProvide control of labour committed costs, with works order and timesheet matching.
  • Save time and moneyReduce paperwork and improve accuracy by transferring all information into contracts, without the need for re-keying data.
Improve cashflow management

Valuations, applications for payment and money retained from customers or sub-contractors (retentions) are tracked and analysed, giving you quick, accurate billing information.

  • Better financial controlDeduct, record and report on both subcontract and sales retentions ensuring liabilities are reduced and outstanding monies are claimed.
  • Easy reportingAssist credit control by generating reports showing monies applied for, certified and paid, by client and/or contract.
  • Faster processingSpeed-up cash entry and analysis direct to bank accounts.
Provide accurate quotations

A simplified solution for processing tenders and quotations from enquiry register, through subcontract enquiry and comparison, to tender submission.

  • Store all your quote details in an easy-to-use systemLog all enquiries with contact, site and return date details.
  • See all your data in one placeProduce multi-level sections and composites, and an almost unlimited number of items, within a library that allows the user to build sub-libraries of rates, sections or even whole quotes for insertion.
  • Easily analyse your dataCompare purchase and actual costs on won contracts, for detailed feedback for future tendering.
  • Drill-down into more detailed dataInterrogate your database for suitable suppliers or subcontractors by trade and/or region, generating simple detailed enquiries and comparing prices on screen when quotes are returned.
  • Flexible billing to suit your needsFlexible bill structures enable budgeting and costing by plot or unit, with separate sections for general site costs, communal areas, etc.
Got questions?

Q. I need something to handle applications for payment and retentions. Would Sage 50 Construction be the right program for me?


A. Yes, this is a program for the building trade and covers estimating, job profitability as well as applications, retentions and CIS.