Integration made simple

Our integration specialists use IMan because it is a code free, easily upgradable, cost effective and flexible integration solution. Espi not only specialise in Sage integration but have expertise in all types of integration, not just with Sage but any ODBC compliant database. Our team of experts can create your e-commerce web site and automatically import your orders into Sage 200 or Sage 50, send back your stock levels, process your receipts via Sage Pay and email the relevant information to the customer.

Espi specialise in Sage integration with any ODBC compliant database. Our team of experts can create your e-commerce web site and automatically import your orders into Sage 200 or Sage 50. They can send back your stock levels, process your receipts via Sage Pay and email the relevant information to the customer. We can also automate Purchase Orders, goods in and intercompany orders and integrate 3rd party specialist systems such as Construction, MRP and CRM databases.

We can also automate Purchase Orders, goods in, intercompany orders and integrate 3rd party specialist systems such as Construction, MRP and CRM databases. IMan is a purpose built middleware platform for Sage products placing the integration expert at the forefront of the design experience. It is a code-free designer which simplifies integration, reducing cost & timeframes.

Software Connectors

Our Integration specialists can implement a variety of different software connectors.

Sage 200 Connector

IMan and the Sage200 connector allow you to integrate virtually any application with Sage 200.

To provide you with a flavour of what can be achieved, some of our previous projects have included:

  • eCommerce and webstore – we’ve integrated a variety of commercially available and custom developed websites with Sage 200.
  • Point of sale – capturing daily sales and cash importing these into the nominal and sales ledgers accordingly.
  • Procurement and EDI
  • Simple data feeds and automated data capture – importing data from a variety of sources such as Excel and CSV files to speed or automate repetitive data entry tasks.
  • Data synchronisation – synchronisation of complex purchase transactions between Sage200 and external systems.
  • Automated business process management – IMan has been deployed to automate complex business processes such as: order & payment gateway processing, procurement and invoice approval processes.


  • Integration is made through the Sage200 API, ensuring all data is valid maintaining business logic and data integrity.
  • We smooth out the inconsistencies of the Sage 200 API by providing a consistent and simple record-field based mapping UI. Where there are shortcomings in the Sage200 API we add the necessary logic and messaging to make the design process as simple as possible.
  • All errors or warnings from Sage are logged and recorded.
  • Key transactional data (Order Numbers, Batch Ids & Customer Numbers, URNs) is captured and can be written back to the IMan dataset to facilitate detailed audit reporting and complex transactional processing.
Sage CRM Connector

Our SageCRM connector provides complete and tight dual direction connectivity with SageCRM, enabling you to rapidly integrate any application.
The connector supports all entities, including custom entities, providing a ‘no restrictions’ platform with which to integrate external applications with SageCRM.

The connector can be used for:

• Data import and migration.

• Ongoing lead/company imports – import of lead and company data from several sources.

• Complex application integration – multi-entity synchronisation (company, person, address, email, opportunity, quotes & notes) between SageCRM and external systems.


• Supports custom entities and fields.

• Hierarchically aware – Relationships between entities are enforced for both data import and export.

• Changes and updates to integration jobs are made seamlessly through the dynamic detection of field and entity changes.

• Record level synchronisation is made possible through the capture of record ID’s when inserting and comparison of record timestamps on update.

• Simplified Company and Person imports allows a single input record to update Company, linked Address, Phone, Email & Default Contact entities, removing need for complex transformation. Linked Entity types (Phone, Address, Email) are dynamically queried, based on the parent entity.

• Inline lookups against SageCRM data for data translation and extraction and entity ID identification.

• Integrates through a combination of SData and webservices so entity and field level security is preserved.

• Supports version 7.0 and 7.1.

Salesforce Connector

The Salesforce Connector provides a simple and straightforward way to extract and write back data into Salesforce.

Dual direction connector capable querying or writing to any object in Salesforce.

100% dynamic connector – Custom objects and fields are fully supported without any custom development.

Fully compliant with Salesforce object hierarchies. E.g. Quote & Details.

Simplified update logic allows you to refer to objects in Salesforce by their reference vs. the object id.

Magento Connector

Integrate your Magento e-commerce site with Sage 200 or Sage 50 system.

Receive orders paid and unpaid

Update Sage prices to your e-commerce site

Update stock items and levels to your e-commerce site

Automate the back to back order routine

Create accounts and stock items on the fly as orders are received

Automate many of the standard Sage processes using IMan

SagePay Connector

The Sage Pay Connector allows you to transact with Sage Pay providing not only payment and authorisation processing, but also back-office transactions such as release & settlements, voids & refunds and recurring payments & payment tokenisation.

eCommerce Connector

With rapid eCommerce adoption, the online shift of retailers & wholesalers with the accompanying increase in transaction volume the need to integrate front end eCommerce platforms with their back-end systems is paramount.

IMan provides a bridge between your eCommerce platform and your Sage ERP, Sage Accounting or Sage CRM solution by providing a robust, highly flexible integration & middleware platform.

Shopify Connector
Create your shopping cart with Shopify

Our Shopify Connector for IMan provides bi-directional integration between a range of Sage applications (SageX3, Sage300, Sage200, Sage50, SageCRM & SagePay) and both Shopify and Shopify plus eCommerce platforms.

Amazon Connector

Our Amazon connector provides you the means to integrate your Amazon marketplace or Amazon warehouse (FBA or Fulfilled By Amazon) with a range of Sage applications (SageX3, Sage300, Sage200, Sage50).

Sage 50 Connector

IMan and the Sage50 connector allow you to integrate virtually any application with Sage50.

Volusion Connector

Download orders from Volusion into Sage.

Upload inventory and item pricing from your ERP.

Trigger fulfilments in Volusion from Sage.

WooCommerce Connector

Download orders from WooCommerce into Sage.

Inventory and item pricing upload.

BigCommerce Connector

Download orders from Bigcommerce into Sage.

Inventory and item pricing upload.

Concur Expenses Connector

Realisable Software is Concur’s partner for Sage software.

Turnkey integration for SageX3 & Sage300 means you’re up & running quickly, with a minimum of fuss.

Full expense detail, tax, G/L and allocation posting.

Expenses can be posted on demand or on a scheduled basis.

Monthly subscription pricing.

CyberSource Connector

Embed Cybersource payment operation into IMan workflows for use with ecommerce or recurring billing applications.

Support for payments, payment authorisation, capture, payment subscription/credit card tokenisation & voiding of payments.

Avalara Connector

Avatax connector to query, calculate, post & cancel tax to Avatax.

Embed Avatax calculations into sophisticated workflows.

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“ESPI is clearly a firm that treats and values its staff as individuals rather than resources. This is what stands ESPI apart from the crowd of IT support companies, and underpins our working relationship with them. We appreciate that no two IT issues are identical, yet the team at ESPI have proved, time and time again, to understand our needs and solve any issues that arise. ESPI is not just a great company, it is a first class group of proactive professionals, who are passionate about what they do.” Tom Cleverly

Finance Director, Kayson Green Ltd

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For further information on how Espi can help your business please contact our customer service team on 01954 213999 or leave a message using the simple contact form. A member of the team will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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